How to Write a Company Overview for Your Business Plan


A company overview in a business plan provides a comprehensive overview of your company and its mission.

All the necessary information about your company and company background are included. Readers should be able to see exactly what your company is all about from the very beginning.

A company overview is the section in your business plan that gives people an explanation of what the company does, who the key figures are and what customers receive from the company.

The company description is the second section of your plan, coming right after the executive summary.

What should be included in a company overview?

The exact elements that you need in your company overview will depend on what aspects of your business are important, but there are some core elements that should be included in every overview.

Once you’ve included the basics, be sure to include any other minor details that will help your readers make the best possible decision about your business.

Give your audience detailed information about:

  • Your company name (exact and the same as your state registered name)
  • Your legal structure (sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership or Corporation)
  • Company location(s)
  • The industry you are in (basic and short information)
  • Company’s history and background information (if available)
  • Vision, mission statement and value proposition
  • Product/service and customer
  • Details about the problems that your business solves
  • Your business model
  • Business objectives, both short and long term

Click the link below for a free company overview (summary) template:

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